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These elegant commemorative gifts come with or without an enamel fill. Available in mint quality.

Size/Quantity           200           500        1000        2500        Die

Brass                        7.12           7.00        6.82         Call          175.00

Economy                  5.14           4.92        4.62         Call          175.00

(3S)                                                                                              (V)



Size: 1-3/4" round by 1/8" thick. Call for pricing on alternative sizes.
Relief: 2D. Call for full relief pricing.
Colors: Includes up to four soft enamel colors. Add 0.10 (P) for each additional color per side.
Plating: Includes nickel. Add 0.24 (V) for antique or gold plating.
Epoxy: Add 0.15 (V) for an epoxy dome.
Edge: Includes smooth edge. Add 0.50 (V) for a diamond cut edge (Brass only).
Production time: 3 weeks. Call for information on shorter lead times.

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