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Hard Enamel
Hard-Fired Enamel is an ancient Chinese art developed over 6,000 years ago. Each design is stamped into brass and then the recessed areas are filled with enamel and fired at a very high temperature, bringing the enamel areas level with the metal. Once polished the pin has a jewelry quality of detail and color.

Size/Quantity           200          500        1000        2500         Die

Up to 3/4"                 2.62         2.28        2.06         Call           75.00

Up to 1"                     2.74         2.40         2.18          Call           85.00

Up to 1¼"                  2.84         2.50        2.28          Call           95.00

(3P)                                                                                               (V)


Enamel Colors: Includes up to four colors.  Add 0.10 (P) per pin for additional colors. 
Printed Colors: Add 0.08 (P) per pin and 30.00 (V) set up per color. 
Plating: Gold, nickel or black nickel.  Add 0.16 (V) per pin for an antique finish. 
Attachment: Military clutch. See Attachments page for alternative options. 
Production time: 3 weeks. Call for information on shorter lead times. Genuine Cloisonne quoted upon request.

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