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Choose our Screen Printed Pins when your design requires fine lines and details in a specific color rather than in metal or when your image is a painting or photograph. Using the same thickness of metal as our Etched pins and the latest printing technology, each design in printed directly onto the brass. An epoxy dome is applied to protect the image. Need it fast? Printed pins are one of your best options when you needed them yesterday.

Printed Pins with Brass Toned Back


Size/Quantity          200          500          1000           2500

Up to 3/4"                1.94          1.84           1.68             Call

Up to 1"                    2.14          2.04          1.88             Call

Up to 1¼"                 2.24          2.14           1.98            Call


Printed Pins with Silver Toned Back


Size/Quantity          200          500          1000          2500

Up to 3/4"                1.84          1.74          1.58             Call

Up to 1"                    1.96          1.86          1.70            Call

Up to 1¼ "                2.06         1.96          1.80            Call


Colors: Includes up to four screen-printed colors with 30.00 (V) per color set-up or offset colors with a 100.00 (V) set-up.
Plating: No plating.
Attachment: Military clutch. See Attachments page for alternative options. 
Production time: 3 weeks. Call for information on shorter lead times.

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