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Etched Soft Enamel
Our Etched pins offer a way to have an enameled pin at an economical price. Using a thinner piece of brass, each design is acid-etched, enabling us to reproduce fine details. The colors are then filled in and fired for durability. The pin is polished and then an epoxy dome is applied to protect the finish.

Size/Quantity            200           500          1000          2500          Die

Up to 3/4"                  2.14            1.84          1.62           Call             75.00

Up to 1"                      2.34            1.96          1.74           Call             85.00

Up to 1¼"                   2.68            2.44         2.00          Call             95.00

(3P)                                                                                                      (V)


Enamel Colors: Includes up to four colors. Add 0.08 (P) per pin for additional colors. 
Printed Colors: Add 0.08 (P) per pin and 30.00 (V) set up per color. 
Plating: Gold, nickel or black nickel. Add 0.16 (V) per pin for an antique finish. 
Attachment: Military clutch. See Attachments page for alternative options. 

Production time: 3 weeks. Call for information on shorter lead times.

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