Die Cast
The ancient art of casting metal gets a modern twist with our Custom Cast process. Sophisticated electronic equipment drastically reduces the time involved in producing your pins. Choose to have your pins with or without added enamel color.

Size/Quantity            200           500         1000         3000         Die

Up to 1"                      4.10           3.50         2.85         Call            60.00

Up to 1¼"                 4.43          3.83         3.63          Call           60.00

(3R)                                                                                                  (V)

Enamel Colors: Up to two enamel colors only for 1 week production. More colors available on longer lead times. 
Plating: Antique powter finish. Gold plating is available on longer time lines. 
Attachment: Military clutch. See Attachments page for alternative options. 
Production time: 1 week. Call for information on extended lead times.