Die Struck
For the sophisticated image of an all-metal pin, the Die Struck process offers sharp detail, contrast and relief. Instead of using color, the raised areas are highly polished and the recessed areas have a textured, matte or antiqued finish below the polished metal. This creates a clean, understated, elegant look.

Size/Quantity          200          500         1000        3000         Die

Up to 3/4"               2.00          1.60         1.34          Call           75.00

Up to 1"                   2.20           1.70         1.50         Call           85.00

Up to 1¼"             2.50           2.14         1.80         Call           95.00

(3P)                                                                                             (V)

Plating: Gold, nickel or black nickel. Sandblasting is included. Add 0.16 (V) per pin for antique finish.
Attachment: Military clutch. See Attachments page for alternative options. 
Production time: 3 weeks. Call for information on shorter lead times.Genuine Cloisonne quoted upon request.